At Dive St Kitts, we will take you to sites that will overwhelm you. The warmth and hospitality of our professional staff will put your mind at ease. Most of our dive sites are on the protected Caribbean side of the island. Among them are reefs and wrecks that begin in shallow water and fall off to depths of 100 feet and more with areas of extensive fish life and formations for exploration.


  • Easy diving. The majority of the dive sites available in St Kitts are on the protected Caribbean side of the island. The seas tend to be small with no swell of the Atlantic. Also the current isn't much to speak of (even our drift dives are low current).

  • Short boat rides. Dive St. Kitts is well located only minutes from one of the largest reef systems in St. Kitts. With our fast boat and short distances to cover, we tend to do our surface intervals back at our home base.

  • Private Harbor. Our boat is docked right out front of our dive facility. Many of our clients enjoy the convenience of rinse tank, fresh water shower, and storage lockers. No need to lug your gear back and forth. Store it at our facility and we will assemble it for you on your dive days.

  • Located on the property of the Bird Rock Beach Hotel. We are able to offer package deals combining your hotel and diving together. If you choose to stay at the many other fine facilities in St Kitts or just visiting on one of the many cruise ships, we offer a complimentary shuttle to and from our facility.

  • Do you like shipwrecks? We dive 3 great wrecks that also hold a large diversity of aquatic life.


Whether you like to dive wrecks or reefs, St. Kitts has what you want. Some of the sites include:
  • M.V. River Taw: Everybody that dives in St. Kitts dives "the taw". It's our most dived site.

  • M.V. Corintian (the Tug): A fully intact tugboat sitting at 65' on a sandy bottom.

  • M.V. Talata: This freighter is all broken up in 55' of water but holds some great appeal.

  • Coconut Tree Reef: A very pristine site that holds a lot of Barracuda in front of the mooring at 40' - 50' and a beautiful wall behind the vessel stepping down to 110'.

  • Coconut Shallows: This extension of the Coconut Tree Reef offers a opportunity to see Green Moray, Barracuda, large Schools of Blue Runner and Creole Wrass.

  • Ponds Bar: A mini wall of 30' - 55', a nice reef top with opportunity to see hawksbill turtle, a very large Barracuda is always under the boat.

  • Green Point Drift: The current is week but it is the site to see large Sting ray and Hawksbill Turtles.

  • Monkey Shoals (the Donut): A shallow site of 45' offers limestone shelves covered in hard and soft corals.

  • Brimstone Shallows: Beautiful reef top of 50' with a curving wall stretching down to 110'.

  • Bird Rock Reef: Our local reef is also a great shore dive as well. Depths as deep as 35'.


Dive St Kitts has a 32' Custom Mono Hull. Equipped with twin 200hp Yamaha out board motors. Lots of covered deck space. Room enough for 18 divers and crew. Snorkel trips can accommodate 22 for snorkeling.


The Dive St. Kitts team welcomes you on our lovely island! We are committed to serve you with fun, excitement, safety and well maintained equipment. Our team members include:

  • Michael Arsenault - Manager of Dive Operations
  • Kent Griggs - Boat Captain
  • Rick Kerr - Dive Master
  • Tricksy B - Shuttle Driver


DIVE PACKAGES (All Dive Packages include a daily 2 tank)
w/ Equipment
w/o Equipment
 6 Six 2-tank dives
 5 Five 2-tank dives
 4 Four 2-tank dives
 3 Three 2-tank dives
2 Tank Dive  
1 Tank Dive  
Night Dive Includes night lights
Snorkeling Trip Minimum 4 persons
Includes BC, regulator, wet suit, tank, etc
$10 daily
$50 weekly
Includes masks, snorkels & fins
$10 daily
$50 weekly
Air Fills
Resort Course
1 dive
Repeat Resort Dives
1 dive
Open Water Certification
Academics, confined water dives, all materials and certification envelope
Referral Certification
4 dives and certification envelope
Advanced Open Water Certification
5 dives, materials and Certification envelope
Rescue Diver Certification
Materials and certification envelopes
Dive Master Certification
Additional cost for material


Contact us at:

Dive St. Kitts
P.O. Box 227
St Kitts, West Indies

Tel: 869.465.1189
Fax: 869.465.1675
Toll Free: 877.244.6285